Selling a Company

Owners who are considering the sale of their company quickly realize one undeniable truth – it isn’t easy! In fact, selling a company or divesting a business division is typically a lengthy process involving many factors. Each of these factors requires a unique set of skills and a great deal of expertise in order to ensure a smooth transaction and to maximize the after-tax proceeds.

The issue that often comes up once you’ve begun the selling of your company is the realization that the brokerage firm you’ve chosen to spearhead the transaction doesn’t have what’s required to make it happen in a way that’s most beneficial to you. They simply don’t have the necessary combination of in-house operational and transactional experience.

When you choose to partner with Iron Wheel Solutions, this is one fear that you won’t need to worry about. Our senior-level advisers possess all of the skills required to provide an all-inclusive strategy that will optimize the results of the transaction. They will work side-by-side with you throughout the sales process to ensure that you are satisfied from the very first point of contact to the very last signature on the dotted line – and beyond.


No matter how well-organized you are, selling a company takes time and effort – lots of it! Our experts understand that your time is valuable, which is one reason why we have created a streamlined sales process that improves the efficiency of every step without cutting any corners.

Optimal Buyer

The process of selling your business will hit a snag if you can’t find an interested party. Iron Wheel Solutions is able to identify hundreds of potential buyers who will jump at the chance to own your business. We then use our own experience and expertise to zero in on the optimal buyer.

Shareholder Value

A big component of selling your company is making sure that the shareholders are taken care of. After all, they’ve stood by you through thick and thin (hopefully more “thick,” of course) and deserve to be rewarded. Our team will use their expertise and finesse to maximize shareholder value.

Iron Wheel Solutions understands that you built your company to what it has become and we greatly admire that. Over the years, you have poured everything you have into the business and it shows. The business that you are selling is your “baby” and you want to make sure that it’s in good hands when you decide to pass it along.

Our senior-level advisers and experts will take great care to ensure a comfortable transition for everyone involved and can guide you through these objectives and more:

  • Majority recapitalization
  • 100% sale of the company
  • Minority recapitalization
  • Dividend recapitalization
  • ESOP/Leveraged ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
  • Management buyout