Raising Money

Developing an effective capital strategy can be a grueling experience without the help of experts well-versed in the processes involved. Iron Wheel Solutions will work closely with you and your investors to develop, evaluate, and execute a strategy that will achieve optimal results.

Whether you are attempting to raise money in order to complete an acquisition, recapitalize, or fund growth and expansion, our team of advisers will lend their experience and expertise to the process. This will not only make the process easier for you but will improve your likelihood of success.

Our advisers will assist you and your investors with various forms of raising money, such as senior financing, alternative (subordinated and mezzanine) debt, and private equity. Financing options are typically available for a range of $5 million to more than $50 million.

Senior Financing

Senior financing can often be a problem for companies and investors. Iron Wheel Solutions has forged trusted relationships with forward-thinking lenders that are willing to think outside the box. This means that our advisers often have access to lending opportunities that are not available to the general public.

Alternative Debt

Our team of advisers and experts has cultivated important relationships in the subordinated and mezzanine debt community. As needed, our advisers and experts will utilize these relationships to achieve competitive term sheets for your business, giving you financial opportunities where there were none.

Private Equity

Not all debt solutions work for every business. As needed, Iron Wheel Solutions will act as a finder for equity capital by creating an equity-raising process that is custom-made to your business’s needs. This will result in competition amongst investors to give you multiple options and favorable terms.

Iron Wheel Solutions maintains a proprietary database of lenders, giving us the opportunity to identify appropriate financial structures and sources for your company’s individual needs. Our long-standing relationships with financial resources allow us to:

  • Raise appropriate types of capital to fulfill your business’s needs.
  • Access our extensive network of lenders, private equity groups, and investors.
  • Design an effective monetary structure with the lowest cost of capital.
  • Draw in financial partners to compliment your company’s management team.
  • Manage the process of raising money from start to finish.