You have questions… and we have answers. This FAQ should take care of your basic inquiries, and the team at Iron Wheel Solutions is standing by to assist you further.

What type of companies can Iron Wheel Solutions help?

Iron Wheel Solutions is not tied to any specific type of industry. Whether your company is in manufacturing, technology, healthcare, business services, consumer services, or something else entirely, we can offer you the expertise and guidance you need, no matter the size or type of your business.

What services does Iron Wheel Solutions provide?

Iron Wheel Solutions provides these primary services to its clients:

  • Selling a Company
  • Buying a Company
  • Raising Money
  • Strategizing

Other ancillary and separate services are available, depending on the needs of a company or individual.

How do I identify the right time to sell my business?

The decision to sell a business is always a complicated one. First and foremost, you want the timing to be right, but no two situations are ever alike. It is impossible to predict what the market will look like six months, a year, or five years from now, but our advisers can assist you with taking advantage of every opportunity when you decide that selling is right for you.

What do potential buyers look for in a business?

The easy answer is that potential buyers are looking for a business where revenue growth and profitability are reasonable assurances to be made. Whether you are wanting to sell right this moment or sometime in the future, Iron Wheel Solutions can guide you on how to position your company in such a way that you will get the most from your sale.

How do I determine what my company is worth?

What you’ll need is an enterprise valuation, which is part of the service offered by Iron Wheel Solutions. In fact, when you enlist our services with the intention to sell your business, this is one of the initial steps in the process.

Is now a good time to purchase a business?

While an emphatic “yes” might appear to be a bit self-serving, it is absolutely true nevertheless. The current marketplace is telling us that now is an excellent time to purchase a business thanks to baby-boomer retirements and a variety of other factors. That being said, it is essential that you find the right fit to ensure financial and personal success. That’s where Iron Wheel Solutions’s ability to negotiate favorable deal terms comes into play.

Why do transactions fail to close?

Regardless of which Iron Wheel Solutions service you need to employ, the simple truth is that the process will be a lengthy, arduous one. Along the way, obstacles may present themselves that cannot be easily overcome. Our advisers, however, are called experts for a reason and will guide you through the common pitfalls that transactions can sometimes succumb to.

How do I find the funds necessary to grow my business?

What we have discovered over the years is that the majority of companies underestimate the amount of money they will require for growth and the time it will take to reach their financial goals. Our advisers will help you determine how much capital is needed for your individual situation and take the steps required to make it happen.

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