Business Valuation

Whether your goal is to sell a business, purchase a company, merge with another entity, or raise money for growth and expansion, you’re going to require a valuation if you hope to be successful. The senior-level advisers at Iron Wheel Solutions can help you accomplish this goal.

Conducting a valuation of any business is not an easy task, but our brokerage firm has taken it upon itself to excel in this arena. We accomplish this by combining our past deal-making experience with strategic perspective and analytics. This means that we do not rely on theories or historical averages but on accurate, real-world data.

Your business’s value is dependent on the calculations of not only future profits, but also the risks involved with those profits. The elements noted above work together in such a way that we are able to draw informed conclusions that you can utilize for your own purposes in terms of both future profits and risks.

Startup Valuation

Raising startup capital requires a business valuation so that entrepreneurs can accurately gauge their needs. The senior-level advisers at Iron Wheel Solutions will assist these go-getters with the negotiation of the equity ownership position to sell, in addition to the ensuing price of that equity.

FAS 141 and 142 Valuations

In addition to business valuations, underlying assets and liabilities must often be valued to meet accounting standards. This primarily includes the FAS (Financial Accounting Standards) 141 and FAS 142, both of which can be handled by our team of professionals.

Acquisition Valuations

Mergers and acquisitions have a ton of hoops that you must jump through and you can safely add valuation to your long list of “to-do” items. Iron Wheel Solutions will provide valuations for the negotiation of mergers and acquisitions, which includes the determination of optimal debt and equity structures.

Companies that are seeking assistance with the calculation of business valuations won’t need to look any further than Iron Wheel Solutions. Our team of experts will provide your business with the ability to:

  • Utilize proprietary research tools and acquisitions/transaction info for virtually every industry.
  • Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of proposed transactions and alternatives.
  • Zero in on the drivers and detractors of value in order to formulate actionable conclusions.
  • Properly understand underlying market trends.
  • Partner with a team equipped with real-time, specific industry knowledge.
Business Valuation